Alison Seipp teaching a music class to four babies/toddlers playing instruments.


  • Group lessons offered for babies & toddlers- newborn to 4 years old 
  • 45 minutes includes live piano, ukulele & djembe music, singing, playing non-pitched percussion and world instruments, as well as locomotor movement activities 
  • Parent supervision required
  • Classes sold as an 8-week package
  • $20 a lesson (Parents bringing two children do not have to pay twice! It is still $20)
  • Payments made via e-transfer prior to session start
  • Receipts available 
  • Any questions regarding payments, availability or scheduling please contact me!
  • Referral program in place. Email Alison at for details
  • Approved Business License (City of Airdrie)
Parents dancing with their children


In the community of Windsong in Airdrie, AB

(Clients will be given the direct address upon registration)


  • Parking available in the driveway during lessons and directly across the street.
  • Additional parking a short walk away next to a park!

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