B Sharp Music Studio is currently closed

due to the Covid 19 Pandemic and its restrictions.

Updates on class registration will appear via Facebook, Instagram, and on this website when we proudly reopen our doors!

see "contact me" above for more social media info.

Mothers playing instruments with their children.


Numerous scientific studies have proven that early music education can provide benefits to neural system development. Why not introduce your child to a possible life-long passion, or at least jumpstart their language, math, problem solving and motor skill development through simple music lessons? It's fun and it works.


B Sharp Music Studio is built out of love for family and community involvement. This is an opportunity to meet new people and to socialize your child in a safe and fun environment. Airdrie is a growing city built of passionate, loving people, and lots of parents! Let's build a stronger community. It all starts here in Airdrie's baby music classes!


Not just a clever musical term, B "Sharp" Music Studio signifies early childhood learning and the positive impact that music has on the developing brain. Search the Internet and you will find endless research projects, presentations and publications citing findings of the positive influence of music on neural processing. Baby music classes are fun and beneficial.

Studies have found that the stimulation of music can improve the development of brain connections. Language, problem solving, math, communication, and improved motor skill development have all been linked to early music education. Music is commonly used throughout pregnancy to support fetal development, during labor as a relaxation technique, and within the first few months post-pregnancy to stimulate listening and concentration of a newborn.

As a parent, I understand the desire to give my children everything. To provide them with every opportunity in hopes of shaping a well rounded child, capable of reaching their true potential. Music is an easy way to bring joy into your child's life and to develop important skills that will set them apart in the future. It can start at a young age with simple, fun music lessons.

"A family music experience aimed at inspiring community, creativity & life-long learning."

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